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Tales Of The Northern Kingdom
Gather your forces of Northern armies and battle with the great King Arvelon. Full pack of miniatures and terrain available now.
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3D Printing Workshop
We sell 3D-printed fantasy models, miniatures and hobby supplies for your table-top RPG, wargames and scenic dioramas.
Hobby Supplies
We offer a range of supplies that compliement our main business service - the painting and detailing of miniatures and terrain.
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We have partnered with our favourite 3D modellers and designers to bring you some amazing scenery and miniatures for your table. We use them ourselves, and we love to share our passion for gaming and modelling.

Table-Top Terrain

Build your collection of high quality medieval/fantasy buildings, environments and terrain features with our extensive range of models from Printable Scenery. With the OpenLock system of tiles, you can build your own layouts and bring your campaigns to life.

  • Cities, towns and villages
  • Caverns and grottos
  • Castles and dungeons

… and heaps more. Talk to us about the vision you have for your next campaign, encounter or diorama, and we’ll help you build it. We’re modellers and gamers ourselves so we most likely got some great tips. 


Scale Miniatures

No adventure or wargame can be played without characters. Either Player Characters, or Non-Player Characters, we have a range of miniature figurines to represent them on the playing field.

We have numerous and various printers at our disposal to quickly and accurately bring your perfect miniatures into the world. Then, it’s up to you to bring them to life with the paintbrush.

We hold weekly painting workshops to help you with that.

Workshops And Gaming

We have fully-stocked painting stations set up in-store so you’ll have everything you need to paint up your new terrain or miniatures (Mondays and Tuesdays).

We also run small group game nights playing Dungeons & Dragons and other war games. Ask us when the next episode is running. All experience levels welcome (Thursdays and Fridays).

Contact us for further details.

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